What comes to mind when you hear the term training? Is it memories of some regimen you sweated through in athletics? Perhaps it brings to mind a boring course you were required to endure at work that seemed to bear no relationship at all to your actual job performance? Or maybe you recall a very positive training experience that set you up for success in education, work or play?

Whatever your past experiences, the truth is that the lifeblood of any individual’s or organization’s ability to fulfill its life mission is effective-ongoing training.

Here’s the simple yet powerful definition that informs and inspires training at THRIVE:

To teach a person or group particular skills, knowledge and behaviors, through instruction, practice and inspiration over a period of time, so that they are continually becoming sharp, discerning, developed and mature, in the areas of life that demand attention, give meaning, and drive mission.

Here is a list of the trainings offered by THRIVE:

  • Recovery Coaching Academy
  • Wellness@Work, School, Local Organization, etc.
  • Recovery Ministry in the Local Church
  • Support for Families dealing with Addiction

Giving back…

But when you and I have received helpful training it is never just for us. We received it so that we may give it away! So at THRIVE, in addition to the customized recovery, prevention and wellness trainings and certifications we conduct, we are always looking for opportunities to ‘train the trainer’. We desire to multiply the benefits of effective training by replicating leaders who personalize and share those training in various environments we might not reach.

Learn to be a Leader