Let’s face it, we will all find ourselves in seasons of pain, disappointment, confusion and weariness. In the midst of such struggle, it can be difficult to imagine a hopeful future or believe there is even a source of help to get us there. In those times, each of us needs a tender-yet-firm environment of expression, healing, confession and learning, that can produce a new, stronger way of living and loving.

Your struggle may be primarily:

  • Relational (issues of couples, parenting, friendship, co-workers)
  • Situational (dealing with divorce, grief, addiction, life-changing decisions)
  • Emotional (experiencing deep sadness, anger, depression, anxiety or fear)
  • Spiritual (crisis-of-faith, conflict, calling)

When we face those difficult struggles and overwhelming challenges, we need a sanctuary, a space of both safety, nourishment, challenge and growth in the context of community. Whatever you are facing, THRIVE Groups provide that sanctuary for you: a season of wise, directed teaching and sharing, to teach you both a framework of help that you can learn to walk out, but also reveal hope for a thriving future.

Current Groups:

  • Men’s All-Addiction Recovery Group – Learning to live our Recovery in the wisdom and innocence of Christ.  Work the Steps on a path with other men who seek not only sobriety, but a long-term recovery of growing wholeness.  Group meets on Sundays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM at Moore Institute (4126 Autumn Lane, Vestavia Hills, AL  35243

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