A core value at THRIVE is that every human being was created to be a “life-long learner”. That is, each of us was born with a built-in capacity and desire to mature in knowledge, wisdom and self-control in the essential spheres of life: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Relational and Physical. Receiving help from others who are ahead of us on the path is crucial to an effective recovery.

The best Recovery Coaching offers help in these practical areas:

  • Structuring your recovery
  • Learning a new way of thinking
  • Connecting to the resources you need
  • Guidance in decision-making
  • Course correction
  • Ongoing support & encouragement

The right kind of coaching is key to living a full life of wellness. Our unique approach to Recovery Coaching addresses the individual’s needs, but also provides the vision and tools for becoming a joyful and powerful contributor in all areas of their life.

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